“And it is here that we are, in some pain and with no guarantees, working out our destiny.”

Bearly Normal will be a site that I use to document the many stories of my husband’s health due to complications from Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM, for those in the know). The name is derived from the fact that I call my husband Joeybear, and he is often told by many people in the medical community that he is an anomaly when it comes to medical issues. I’m beginning to think of it as “Bear’s Law”; what is rare in a medical diagnosis will be normal for the Bear.

I’m writing here in an effort to stop myself from bottling all my feelings up; I haven’t told many people but I was in the hospital relatively recently with a heart attack scare that ended up merely being my body screaming out from the stress.

I handle the stressors of our life very well, much better than most if I’m being honest, but my doctor advised me that even the most evenly keeled person must find an outlet. So, being that I’ve always enjoyed documenting information for future reference, I will use this blog to tell our story, vent my feelings about the situation/healthcare/the USA’s lackluster health insurance options, and try to spread some awareness around the dangers of type 1 diabetes.

Feel free to read along; posts will come in small pieces as it’s a long story that really begins on March 28th, 2011, which feels like a lifetime ago yet it was less than 5 years ago. These past several years have held a lot of good along with the bad, and I plan on documenting every piece of the story. Seeing as this will be my outlet, I plan on being brutally honest, completely raw with my emotions, and uncensored to the point of offensiveness. I will not apologize for these things, nor will I expect everyone to just accept the things I write; however, I do ask that you think about the person behind the words you read and do not just respond with your visceral emotions.

We (we being the caregivers/family/loved ones of the sick) need to have an area where we can just write what we honestly feel in that moment, even if it changes in the next heartbeat, otherwise there’s no real point in documenting any of this. I do not wish to have a story that is only uplifting and encouraging to the point of being fake. The truth is this part of life is shitty, I would not wish these situations on my worst enemy, and I’m not going to pretend everything is sunshine and roses just to make others feel better. I love my husband with all my heart and soul, I am so very happy that I can be here for him through this, but I still wish I had the power to make it all go away.


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